15 Things I Learned While Visiting Amsterdam

1. People are tall. Like, really tall.

2. There is no concept of personal space.

Line for the Anne Frank House

Line for the Anne Frank House

3. The city isn’t awake and functioning until 10am.


Empty streets.

4. Bikes have the right-of-way over pedestrians, and even cars. And they’re just as fast as cars.

Bike parking garage.

Bike parking garage.

5. They love their gouda cheese.


6. A friendly guy helping you with directions may just be a homeless man wanting money for his street knowledge.


7. The city smells of fresh baked bread and weed.


8. You can drink in public, just not in certain areas like the Red Light District, where it’s legal to shop for sex.


9. Coffee shops = where people go to get high. For that matter, why don’t they just call them cannabis stores? Because it’s not legal, just decriminalized. A little backwards.


10. Almost everyone speaks English, but nobody is speaking it.


11. Stroopwafles are amazing and served everywhere. (like mini-waffles with the syrup already caramelized into them).


12. They are serious about their clogs.


13. Places give free donuts and apple fritters on NYE as part of Dutch tradition.



14. Don’t even go shopping; you can’t afford it.


15. After this trip, I can definitely say I appreciate the Dutch things in life a little bit more.


10896953_10204470343733097_7565186201319978866_n 10906357_10204470346733172_6764583993292114135_n


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