22 Things I Learned in Mexico (from an American perspective)

image1. It’s good to know what pesos converts to dollars before spending money or being charged multiple fees for each atm transaction.

2. Tip. Everyone. (Good to always have smaller change in order to do so!)

3. Mexican citizens are genuinely friendly, helpful and nice.

4. The police won’t harass you unless you are breaking laws. And they don’t set up traps for you to fall in like in the U.S. The city checkpoints may be intimidating where they walk around with automatic weapons, but they are just protecting the people (and tourists) within the cities.

5. On that note, they are kind and appreciative of tourists. Tourists drive their economy and supply them with over a million jobs. They are thankful for visitors spending their money and try not to scare them away.

6. The beaches are absolutely beautiful.

7. There is so much to do in Mexico, but our favorite experiences were going beyond the tourist-resort attractions and traveling outside the city limits to see true Mayan culture.

8. Never underestimate the power of the sun! Sunscreen at least once an hour. The spray kind.

9. Small tour groups are the way to go as it gives a much more personalized experience.

10. Tulum is amazing for a small, Eco-friendly beach town that still caters to visitors yet doesn’t feel like some over crowded tourist town.

11. No, I was never worried about being kidnapped by any drug cartels. I felt safe 100% of the time.

12. Driving in Mexico is totally fine.

13. If you’re sleeping with the door/windows open, make sure you have a mosquito net so you don’t get attacked by bugs while you sleep.

14. Keep the door closed when you leave the room to prevent unwanted lizards from crawling on your leg while you lay in bed.

15. Octopus is actually pretty amazing. Especially as a ceviche. With a refreshing margarita.

16. Keep the immigration form they give you when you arrive in Mexico, it’s needed to travel back home or else they charge for a replacement.

17. Splurge one night and have dinner on the beach at a fancy restaurant, totally worth it.

18. Mexicans kind of run on their own time, a Mexican minute = who knows how long. There really is no quantitative amount of time.

19. Carry-on an extra outfit, your swimsuit and sandals incase there is a storm in the city you must make your transfer in and the airlines lose your checked luggage.

20. Or just book a direct flight!

21. It truly feels like paradise. Bungalow on the beach is the best way to go in my opinion.

22. Loved every moment. Already planning our return 😊